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Financial Planning

I’ve partnered with amazing CFP’s to help you with all your comprehensive financial planning, investment management and tax planning needs. You can schedule your complimentary consultation call with the firms listed below to see how you can work together in a financial planning relationship.


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Luis Rosa, CFP® EA

  • Financial planning, Investment Management & Tax Preparation for First Generation Wealth Creators.

  • Luis is the founder of Build a Better Financial Future LLC, and the host of the On My Way to Wealth Podcast. Click below to say Adios to money worries and H.O.L.A. to Wealth™!

  • Planning fees start at $5,000

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Matt Ryan, CFA, CFP®

Matt Ryan is a financial planner and the founder of Focused Mission Financial (“FMF”). He has been in the industry for over a decade and specializes in helping those in their 30’s and 40’s level up their personal finances. He is Focused on his clients’ goals and on a Mission to see them reached!

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Amy Irvine, CFP®, EA, MPAS®, CCFC, CDFA®, CFT-I™

Amy is the founder of Rooted Planning Group and also hosts a weekly podcast called Wine and Dime and has written “Uncork Your Finances.”  Amy specializes in working with X-Gen women (as one herself) who want to form a long term relationship that includes not just financial advice, but financial education as well.

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